About the brand

Aura Bay

At Aura Bay™, we understand the burden of dealing with a dull complexion and clogged pores. That's why we created our revolutionary ultrasonic skin brush! 

Our iconic device uses state-of-the-art vibrations to deep cleanse your skin of toxins, dirt, excess oils, and dead skin cells while pushing active ingredients from your skincare products into the deepest layers of your skin. 

This process creates a micro-massage and heats up the skin to improve blood circulation, infusing your skincare products and strengthening your delicate complexion. 

With 9 levels of intensity and 3 different universal modes, you can achieve youthful and radiant looking skin in just minutes – all for an unbeatable price. It’s an absolute no brainer decision.

Plus, every product comes with our complimentary Aura Bay™ guarantee and free shipping on all orders – so get yours now and enjoy flawless results.

Meet SKYE™

Started with a common problem

About the founders

Every great idea started with a common problem, and the insatiable desire for a solution. The humble beginnings of Aura Bay™ were no different.

Our founders, Hayden & Chelsea, had been struggling with skin issues for years. 

They couldn't keep up with the expensive treatments offered by beauty parlours, so they decided to look into more affordable options. 

That's when they launched Aura Bay™ and their revolutionary ultrasonic skin brush. 

This device helps eradicate toxins, dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells while pushing active ingredients from your skincare products deep into the pores of your skin. 

Thanks to its extremely effective deep cleansing capabilities, Aura Bay’s core products are helping to effortlessly clear away dirt and toxins from the skin's surface while pushing active ingredients into the deepest layers of the pores.

Its results-driven formulations quickly gained traction amongst beauty experts and customers alike and today, many consider this device to be a game changer when it comes to achieving healthy, glowing skin. Order your Aura Bay device today and experience the difference.

The Original Ultrasonic Brush

Why our customers shop from us

We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations on all fronts. From the quality of our product, to the above and beyond customer service, we've proudly served tens of thousands of loyal customers and our raving fans are growing daily.

Premium Quality Products

We aspire to provide the absolute pinnacle of quality, care, and leading technology in all of our products. Attention to detail is key.

Exceptional Customer Service

Having a dedicated support team on standby to help our loyal customers has been one of the core reasons for many repeat customers.

Priority Order Dispatch

We aim to get our customer orders dispatched same-day where possible, giving us an edge in the market, putting the customer first.

Our Mission

The future of Aura Bay. Focusing on growth.

We strive to be the leading pioneers in our industry, and grow to an internationally loved brand with a strong online and physical presence. This year, we are aiming to open physical stores around the world and expand our product range to provide more life-changing solutions for our customers. Here are some of our primary missions for this year ahead:

Build our social community
Expand our warehouses & fulfilment centres
Grow & optimise our customer service

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11,300+ Happy Customers

With thousands of raving Aura Bay customers all around the world, you can safely shop with confidence knowing you're being taken care of by the best.